Loco Cerveza (loco_cerveza) wrote in cowboyways,
Loco Cerveza

Smithsoniam May 2006

The May 06 Smithsonian Magazine has a real good article on Tombstone Arizona. It seems that a lot of the people and business are dressing in the 1880’s garb. It seems that a lot of people think that Tombstone never left the 1880’s. This in the past made a lot of the people of Tombstone very mad and at one point almost closed down the tourist industry for Tombstone. In fact it got so bad that in the 1970’s the only hint of the gun in fight at the O.K. Corral was a coin operated gunslinger that work once in about every 3 to 5 coins. Two things changed Tombstone one was the Wyatt Earp in 1994 and Tombstone in 1993 These two movies made the old west popular in the hearts and minds of the people in Tombstone then in 2001 rolled and after 9/11 when travel dropped to an all to low the people of Tombstone decided that they did not what their tourist industry to go belly up, so slowly over time they started dressing the part and not the town has hired reenactors to act out the famous O.K. Corral gun fights as well as other not so famous gun fights. It has become a way of life. In this article it says that you in Tombstone you can go in to just about any place and people are dresses in the 1880’s and talking about 1880’s events like you or I would talk the events on CNN or FOX News. There has been a lot of effect by the people of Tombstone to take what for years people believed and figured out how to make money off it. I gather from reading the article that some of the hotels and touristy places offer discounts if you were to visit and dress in the 1880’s grab as well. So if you get the time drop in on old Tombstone Arizona, or if you are like me and really don’t have the money pick up the May 06 Smithsonian Magazine and check out the article

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