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Loco Cerveza

Welcome Everyone


This is a new community for people that have an interest in American history from 1860 to 1899. All aspects of American history from that time period are more then welcome. Also reenactors are welcomes to come and share any knowledge that want to pass on. Try to keep post on topic but some off topic post will be allowed if it can be tied back in to an on topic subject.

1) Posting about firearms or weapons from 1860 to 1899.
2) Posting about weapons that all the different Cowboy Action groups allow.
3) Posting of reloading Data for both rules one and two.
4) Posting about were to buy and/or make items from 1860 to 1899 to include but mot limited to Clothes, gun
belts, saddles, ect.
5) Some off topic posting allowed as long as you can tie it back in to an on topic subject.
6) Please use Lj-cut tags for long post or post with a lot on images.
7) No flaming and or harassment of other members. (this will not be tolerated whatsoever)
8) Posting about anything that fall in this time in America that I did not think of or list

P.S. If you sale items fall with the 1860 to 1899 time line feel free to post them here.

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